Indian Immunologicals organises nationwide free animal vaccination camps on the occasion of ‘World Zoonoses Day’

Guwahati, July 06: Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL), one of the market leaders in veterinary biologicals and one of the largest animal and human health players in India today organised free Vaccination Camps in over 100 centres across the country including Guwahati.

Every year, the 6th of July is observed as “Zoonoses Day” and many veterinary dispensaries, NGOs and veterinarians across the country conduct Rabies awareness camps with the help of IIL.

More than one lakh doses of RAKSHARAB (anti- rabies vaccine produced by IIL) is administered free of cost in as many as 100 centres across the country through veterinary dispensaries and NGOs.

It may be mentioned here that diseases that transmit from animals to human beings are called Zoonotic diseases. 70% of all emerging diseases that affect humans are zoonotic in nature. In India, occurrence of Rabies is prevalent and accounts for more than 90% of all zoonotic cases reported in the country.

The economic cost of dog mediated rabies has been estimated to be $ 8.6 billion.

The high incidence of rabies in India is due to large uncontrolled stray dog population in India and stray dogs account for nearly 80% of the canine population in India. There are several reasons for the high incidence including poor vaccination. Prophylaxis through vaccination is the most cost-effective intervention to reduce incidence of disease.

About Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL)

Headquartered in Hyderabad, IIL was set up by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1982 and pursues its mission of “Biotechnology in healthcare made affordable and accessible” in both the animal and human health segments.

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