IIT Guwahati team First Runner Up in Microsoft Academia Accelerator Program

Guwahati, February 05: Microsoft India today hosted AXLE, a Microsoft Academia Accelerator an annual showcase of collaboration between Microsoft and academia, where a team from IIT Guwahati emerged as the first runner up.

This year’s AI for Good theme packed in a rich agenda of keynotes, tech talks and student projects that showcased innovative ways of using technology to solve real world challenges. The event brought together Computer Science faculty, Microsoft leaders and employees, several industry influencers and students from top engineering colleges of India who showcased innovative ways of building state of the ar technology to predict or manage natural disasters better.

Academia Accelerator is one of Microsoft’s most comprehensive campus engagement programs aimed at building a deep, long-term association between industry and academia in India and reiterates the company’s mission to enable people to realize their full potential. From just ideas at the campus level, Academia Accelerator Showcase builds on the best through mentor support, publishing support and pitch support provided and eventually provides the opportunity for the best among India’s student developers to hone their CS skills further.

The theme for Codefundo++ National Challenge under Academia Accelerator was “Build state of the art technology to predict or manage natural disasters better”. The challenge received response with more than 5000 participating students across 21 colleges.

The top 21 teams showcased their solutions today at the new Microsoft Campus in Bengaluru.

The Winning Team Projects:
  • IIT Madras: UAVs for Disaster Management (WINNER)
  • IIT Guwahati: DUBG (First Runner up)
  • IIT Jodhpur: Disaster Chain (Second Runner up)



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