Four crew members never returned from Kalpanapur near Mayong | The CHIRAG project

Director of upcoming Assamese film CHIRAGSourav Baishya, recently revealed in a video and facebook post why the film has not been completed even after four years of its start. Baishya and some of his friends started their project, an action thriller film CHIRAG in 2014. They completed half of the shoot in a year and also released a trailer. However, due to financial constraints, they could not start the scheduled shoot immediately.

After a period of two years, they decided to resume the shoot and got some new crew members for the purpose of location hunting in Mayong. As the director faced some problems at that time and could not go to the location, he sent his crew members and asked them to conduct the shoot as planned. However, in a shocking turn of events, all the four crew members got lost and have not returned till date.

They  were last seen in a village named Kalpanapur, which is at a distance of about 30 kms from Mayong. After several days, the police recovered their handycam, DSLRs and laptops at around 30-35 kms from Mayong. The cameras had around six hours of footage.

The director claims that there are shocking clips and he shall release the footage if and when he gets permission from the families of all four crew members.

We have watched the video and does have some shocking clips.

Watch the video here.




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