East Khasi Hills Fair Price Shops’ term to expire on December 31

Shillong, September 30: The Deputy Commissioner (Supply) of East Khasi Hills has informed that the term of all the existing Fair Price Shop dealers (Urban and Rural) Areas will expire on 31/12/2017. Prescribed Form for the Renewal of Appointment Order for the year 2018 are available in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner (Supply) of East Khasi Hills.

All application should be recommended by respective Sirdar/Headman, Block Development Officers and will be received in the Supply Office, Shillong on or before the December 15, 2017. Application should be affixed with a Court Fee Stamp of Rs 25/- (Rupees Twenty Five) only along with two passport size photo of the applicant and to be submitted to the Supply Office, Shillong along with the office bearer and members of the Vigilance Committee.

Representative image

The Deputy Commissioner also informed that the License for purchase/sale and storage of all the S.K. Oil Agencies/S.K. Oil Retailers under Urban and Rural Areas is due for renewal for the calendar year 2018 under the terms and conditions of the Meghalaya Kerosene (Licensing and Distribution) Control Order, 1988.




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