Demanding Zubeen Da’s return, crazy fan slits wrist with knife and blade!

Guwahati, September 20: The past few days have been a bumpy journey for Zubeen fans. First a post on social media that he would stop singing, making music and cinema, and then announcing that he will be back in the scene but after taking a break for some time; fans have been reacting in different ways to it.

There have been some extreme reactions too, one of which is of a fan named Dipjyoti Rajbongshi who has slit his wrist asking Zubeen Da to return. He has posted a photo as well as video on Facebook of the same.

His post read:

“Plz plz zubeen da apuni ghuri aahak. Aaponar abihne bht akalxaria jn lage. Xadai aaponar git xunu tthapi boring nalage.kiman vl pao keneke bujam. Aaponar babe tez dibloi o kuntha bodh nkru.plz lg powar akhat roi thakim ore jjbn…..”

He had also posted a video, which we have not uploaded. One can watch it here, but we would not recommend it.



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