Canines wait for adoption after illegal dog meat trade busted

Guwahati, September 21: With animosity and hatred flaring up these days, the act of dogs being rescued from a dog smuggling group reflects humanity hasn’t died yet. In a recent incident, thanks to animal lovers and activists from Jowai and Guwahati, as many as 26 dogs were rescued from Khliehriat while they were being smuggled.

A taxi carrying three dogs, all tied up in bags, was spotted along NH 206 in Jowai this Monday. Interrogation and further investigation led to the rescue of 26 dogs, that would have been sold at a price of Rs 500.

According to the law, dog meat trade is illegal across India, however, the law is given least importance in this regard. Cruelty on animals are apparently normalized acts these days and goes unnoticed. There have been several incidents of atrocities against dogs in India in the past few days, which include even rape of a female dog.

The rescued dogs were then shifted to JBF, a Guwahati based NGO and are being sheltered there. Purrpaws Foundation, a Guwahati based team of animal lovers and activists, along with JBF have offered help to the rescued canines by providing medical help and rehabilitation.

Volunteers from Purrpaws are feeding the traumatized and wounded dogs and also spending time with them. The organisation appeals people to come forward in helping to find a home for the canines.


The dogs have been taken care of for the time being, but to take care of more than 20 dogs is not an easy task. Hence, they are now looking for someone who would adopt one or more dogs. Come be a part of this journey of rescuing ‘Man’s Best Friend’.

To adopt, contact JBF here.




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