Baba Ramdev and Suniel Shetty join hands for ‘Mission Fit India’

New Delhi, 07: Fever FM, FTC and MY FM in partnership with Patanjali on June 05 launched India’s first 120 days fitness festival Mission Fit India in New Delhi.

Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty will be spearheading this immersive movement.

The event witnessed the presence of Yoga Guru Yog Rishi Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna, Managing Director of Patanjali.

The 120-days fitness festival is divided into four phases and will reach people across 43 cities in India.

Objective of Mission Fit India campaign is to encourage every Indian to be fit and challenge the misconception that getting healthy is complex, time consuming and arduous.

Sharing views on the fitness festival, Baba Ramdev said “Like every coin has two sides, so does your health – body and mind, and both need equal attention for your complete wellness. Yog and Ayurved take care of both and Mission Fit India will tell everyone how”. “Being fit is not all about having a sculpted body; if it’s not supported by a healthy mind, then all efforts are futile” he added.

“Mission Fit India is all about holistic wellness which is the reason why I could easily relate to it and am happy to be a part of their common intent of making India fitter and aware of fitness realities” Ramdev said.

Commenting on Mission Fit India, Suniel Shetty said “Fitness is an area where there is yet to be a concerted effort in this country. While this generation constantly worries about getting fit, the lack of correct guidance and inertia due to myths and misconceptions hampers people from taking an active step in that direction. The aim of this movement is to simplify fitness for every citizen of this country.”

The four phases spread over 120 days are Fit Basics, Suniel Ki Sena, Fitness Wars and Finale. Each phase addresses a key challenge that people face in their endeavour to get fit.

Fit basics addresses the myths and excuses that people often encounter. In this phase, audience can interact with Suniel Shetty, who will give personalized fitness advice to listeners. In the second phase, Suniel Ki Sena, 21 fitness experts from various regime of fitness including Vrinda Mehta (Celebrity Fitness Trainer), Kanchan Koya (Creator of Spice Spice Baby) and Vivek Ratnani (Celebrity Chef) amongst others, will guide the listeners on fitness, simple exercises, mental health, body transformation, wellness and nutrition.

The third phase of the campaign will see the RJs across 43 cities of Fever FM and My FM enter a challenge to become the fittest. Each RJ shall also select a listener from their respective city, who will take up the challenge with them. The teams shall, over the next few weeks, follow a carefully crafted fitness and wellness plan by Suniel Shetty and his Sena.

In the final phase of Mission Fit India, the top performing RJs and their buddies will travel to Uttarakhand for a concentrated transformation challenge where they shall fight it out to be proven fittest.



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