Assamese documentary to represent India in German film festival

Guwahati, August 26: A documentary made by a filmmaker from Assam Vishal P. Chaliha and and friends, has been officially selected at the 2nd Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival, Frankfurt, Germany. Overall 52 documentaries have been selected worldwide and only two were selected from India, which include Vishal’s documentary “Sabdhan”. In the particular category, it is the only Indian documentary to get shortlisted.

“Well, I went for street photography to the Garbage Dumping Ground of Guwahati with my friends Asutosh and Sausthav. When we reached there, our reaction was like Oh Man! Our eyes were wide open to see huge piles of garbage forming hill like structures, storks sitting on top of it and what attracted us the most were the children who were playing in the garbage, searching something in the wastes. It was then that the idea of making of a documentary came. So Asutosh, Sausthav, Amitabh and me, we four went there on a different day and we shot the film. It was really a very different experience for me, shooting a film in the middle garbage piles. I was about to puke many times because of the smell. Somehow I managed and stayed there, and finished everything” says Vishal in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

On the selection of his film, Vishal says “When I got the news that our documentary was selected there, I was really really happy. I was happy not because it was directed by me but also that it is the only Assamese documentary which will be screened there. I want to feel that moment when an Assamese film will be screened in front of so many directors from different parts of the globe”.

You can also watch the documentary here.

Director – Vishal P. Chaliha

Cinematographer – Asutosh Kashyap, Amitabh Choudhury and Sausthav K. Gautam

Editor – Amitabh Choudhury

It must be noted that Sabdhan is Vishal’s fourth Official selection as a director. Earlier, one of his short films “The Child” was selected at the 2nd All Lights India International Film Festival and then at Salem Short Film Festival. It also won the Best Film Title at Gauhati University this year.



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