Assam Heritage to be handed over to private company!

Guwahati, May 01: With the central government recently handing over the historic Red Fort to a private company on grounds of maintenance, shocking news awaits for the state of Assam too. Under the Adopt a Heritage scheme of the centre, four heritage sites of Assam shall be handed over to a private company by the name of JTI Group.

Rang Ghar (Photo courtesy: Mrinmoy Buragohain)

The four heritage sites include Kaziranga National Park, Rang Ghar, Kareng Ghar and the iconic Shiva Dol of Sivasagar. The names of these sites have been included in Phase III of the scheme, which included a total of 23 sites.

Red Fort was included in Phase II.

The JTI group shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of these sites for a period of five years.

Kaziranga (Photo courtesy: Mrinmoy Buragohain)

A total of 98 monuments and sites shall be handed over in four phases to 33 private companies/agencies for a period of five years for operation and maintenance.

This decision has led to varied reaction among the people of the state. Many have also raised questions on social media as to how a government will take care of its people when it cannot even take care of the people.



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