America’s legendary brand Broaster Chicken now in Guwahati | Good news for Foodies

Yellow Tie Hospitality, India’s first professional Food & Beverage Franchise Management Company which had introduced America’s major Broaster Chicken to India in May, 2016 is now bringing the celebrated chain to Guwahati at Zoo Road with franchise owners Vikram Kumar Das and Pallavee Mahanta. Available are dishes like Lamb Rogan Josh Burger, Palak Paneer Burger, Ghotala Khichdi, Gulkand Muffine, Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice Cream, Chulbul & Bulbul Soda, Palang Tod among others.

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The maiden store of Genuine Broaster Chicken was opened at Versova, Andheri in Mumbai followed by outlets in Surat, Kolkata, Raipur, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Patna. They also plan to open fifty outlets of Genuine Broaster Chicken in cities like New Delhi, Gangtok, Imphal, Bangalore, Pune, Bhubneshwar and Varanasi by the end of 2017.

Currently operational in 36 countries across the world, Broaster Chicken is served at leading chains like ‘Bob Evans Garden’ and ‘Al Bek’. The proprietary marinades, seasonings, coatings and specially blended cooking oils bring out a taste that’s unforgettably delicious and authentically Genuine Broaster Chicken. Adhering to GBC’s motto of being a go-to Amercian neighbourhood cafe, it has retained most of its character elements like baseball helmet lamps, glass mosaic walls, funny /punny chicken comics and hidden sack lighting.

Talking about the launch Mr. Karan Tanna, Founder and CEO, Yellow Tie Hospitality says “Guwahati is a promising city for us and ever since we had launched GBC, we extensively wanted to explore the tier-II cities. Our aim is to offer unmatched dining experience to every patron in India and this is our first modest step to serve the food connoisseurs in Guwahati at this 70 seater joint. Broaster Chicken is known for using fresh chicken, never frozen, marinated and coated with our proprietary Broaster products which are then cooked in Broaster Pressure Fryer so that it utilizes less oil than open fried chicken and retains more chicken moisture”.

According to Pallavee Mahanta, Franchise Owner, Genuine Broaster Chicken, Guwahati, “Genuine Broaster Chicken is a name to be reckoned with in the Indian QSR sector. We are glad and thankful to Yellow Tie Hospitality for bringing the celebrated food chain from America to Guwahati. The deftly designed menu will surely go well with the taste buds of the city’s food patrons”.

Being an American heritage brand, Genuine Broaster Chicken has gained massive following among food lovers over the years. Apart from its place of origin, the brand has earned the loyalty of food lovers across the globe, who cannot get enough of its patented pressure-fried chicken.

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Here is their amazing pocket friendly menu.



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