“Aji bondu ki sondere” at IIT Madras

Aji bondu ki sondere” at IIT Madras”.

The Assamese students of IIT Madras participated in the Independence day celebration held in the institute and performed an Assamese group song, “Aji bondu ki sondere”, composed by “Assam Kesari” Ambikagiri Raichoudhury, as a part of the event. The students’ performance was appreciated by one to all, including the director of the institute who personally came up to the students and acknowledged them. The performance was preceded by a brief introduction of the song and it’s composer Ambikagiri Raichouchudry by Jaimini Bhattacharyya. The other performers are as follows- Imon Kalyan, Avilasha Annanya Sandilya, Hrishiraj Kanaujia, Mahendra Mili, Sazid Zamal Hoque, Abhijit Kakati, Satyajit Choudhury and Dhruvajyoti Bora. The performers were accompanied by Tonmoy Gogoi on guitar and Jaimini Bhattacharyya on tabla.

Watch the video here



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