42 dogs, packed for meat trade, rescued by JBF and Assam Police

Guwahati, December 16: Once again 42 dogs, packed in gunny bags for dog meat trade, were rescued by JBF (Just Be Friendly) along with Assam police on Friday.

After receiving a call from a well-wisher Dr Mrinal Das, JBF immediately informed the Assam Police, seeking their support and was successful in rescuing 42 dogs from being killed for meat.

The dogs are presently in a very crucial condition, as they are suffering from dehydration, fear and other problems since they were grabbed, dragged, put in gunny sacks and tied up with steel chains. Their mouths were also gagged so that no one would hear the cries.

Team JBF has brought all the rescued dogs to JBF centre, where they will be provided with all required treatment and temporary shelter till rehabilitation.

Team JBF has urged the people to support and save them, joining hands together to put an end to dog meat trade.

To donate, click here or one can also donate through Paytm at 9954449528.



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