24 hours and 10 deaths | Shocking incident at FAAMC, Barpeta

Barpeta, October 05: In another shocking incident in the state, as many as 10 new born babies have lost their lives since Wednesday evening at Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College in Barpeta district. According to sources, the new born babies were two to eight days old.

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Bobjit Goswami, Superintendent of FAAMC, has informed that the babies have died due  to natural reasons and not due to wrong treatment or failure in any medical help.

Our sources at FAAMC have informed that the mothers of all the babies were under aged. They were of the age of 16-17 years. Also, the babies were born under weight. The babies weighed 1.5-2 kgs, whereas a new born baby is considered healthy if the baby weighs 2.5 kgs.



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