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Majuli, October 20Floods wreak havoc in Assam every year and this year has been no different. This year, floods claimed more than 150 lives and affected lakhs of people, rendering many homeless, including lakhs of animals. Though the floodwaters have receded now, aftermath of the devastating floods still continues to haunt the people of the region. Heavy loss to livestock, a major source of livelihood, has left life crippled in many ways. Moreover, scarcity of fodder leading to malnutrition and manifestation of diseases among the livestock has further added to the woes.

With a motive to extend a helping hand to the flood affected animals, JBF (Just Be Friendly) in association with “Four Paws” recently organized a two-day relief campaign to create awareness about the after-effects of flood to livestock among the local people and also distribution of free vaccines, medicines and treatment for animals in Majuli. The initiative was conducted on October 12-13 in five flood affected areas of Majuli – Sinatolia, Meragarh, Nikinikhoa, Gayan Gaon and Silakala.

The campaign was carried out by a team of five members, led by the Managing Trustee of JBF, along with another veterinary doctor and three members of JBF.

On the first day, the team started their journey to the first village at 5 in the morning, the time when cows are released to the fields. Villagers of the planned destination were already informed by the local staff. In every camp, after the ice-breaking session, the gathering was addressed about the post flood diseases of livestock, their prevention and the follow up. Around 7000 medicines and vaccines were given during the campaign, that ended at around 10:30 am.

On the second day, the campaign continued from 6:30 am till 10:30 am. Around 5,300 vaccines and medicines were given on that day.

The team had also put up the awareness camps, where the people showed interest and cooperated with the team. A total of 12,300 vaccines were distributed for animals. The people were satisfied with the campaign, effort of the team and quality medicines that were distributed.

On behalf of team JBF, Dr Sashanka Sekhar Dutta, Chief Functionary of JBF, acknowledged Four Paws for their financial support and coordination in the campaign. He also expressed his gratitude towards the Deputy Commissioner of Majuli, and officials and staff of the Veterinary Department.

About JBF: The JBF (INDIA) TRUST came into existence in 2003 with a motive to build a prospective society through animal welfare, where co-existence of human and animal is symbiotic. JBF was established with the major objective of involving itself into welfare of animals. So far, JBF has undertaken various activities to minimize sufferings of animals by providing veterinary care and facilitate a more bearable and adorable life to animals. The organisation works extensively for Animal Welfare at almost no or a very minimal cost.



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