12-hour Assam Bandh called for on April 09

By our correspondent

Guwahati, April 08: The All Assam Nath Yogi Students Union (AANYSU) has called for a 12-hour Assam Bandh called for on April 09, from 5:00 am till 5:00 pm.

The students body has called for the bandh denamding ST (Scheduled Tribe) status for the Nath Yogi Community.

The bandh has been coordinated by the Goalpara district unit of the AANYSU.

Though the capital city of Guwahati shall remain free from the bandh, it is likely to hit major parts of lower Assam.

ASTC buses shall be providing their service in the routes towards lower Assam whereas there is no surety of private bus operators, which may lead to hindrance in communication.



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