This debut single by RAGE tells a lot about the developing Metal scenario in Assam

Jorhat, January 07: RAGE, an Experimental Metal Band hailing from Jorhat and Guwahati, released their debut single recently and yes, it is AMAZING! A treat for Metal fans, the single also projects a lot about the developing Metal Scenario of Assam.

Members of RAGE include Prachurjya (Suraj) Goswami on Vocals, Animesh Bezbaruah on Lead Guitars, Debasish Kalita on Drums, Razdip Saikia on Bass and Anirban Gogoi on Keyboards.

“RAGE is influenced by many genres ranging from Progressive Metal/Rock, Groove/Thrash Metal, Classic/Hard Rock to Blues, Carnatic, Funk, Soul, Extreme Metal among others” says the team in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. Each member of the band has their own influences and when they jam, all the influences are poured down together and the final product thus formed is mostly a blended one with sounds pertaining to different genres/subgenres.

Since its inception in the beginning of 2016, RAGE went through a few lineup changes especially in terms of vocalists, before finally resting on Suraj after a few months. Keyboards were included after a year of its inception as the band started to shift its sound towards a more experimental approach with further different sounds. RAGE has so far participated in various contests and shows and have bagged quite a few awards both individually and as a band. The band focuses more on writing original songs with at least one fresh element in every song musically and lyrically.

Listen to their debut single – The Sado Renaissance – here.

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Speaking on the present Metal Scenario of Assam, the Band says “Assam has a very good number of bands with a lot of potential. The only problem is the lack of funds and promoters. Even though a few of them are trying their best to uplift the scene, there are also a few in this very scene who is constantly trying to pull each other down instead of supporting fellow bands and the local scene as a whole. This inside rivalry between bands along with the lack of proper funds n support from the masses is the only reason why the scene is not at the place where it deserves to be. The scenario in Assam, according to us, will become one of the best in the country if properly supported and groomed. There is no dearth of talent; proper support and grooming is what all the bands need”.

“In Meghalaya, things are a little different though. The audience and the masses too are diehard fans of the local acts unlike here in Assam, plus their government too provides funds as and when needed at the right time, take Plague Throat’s Wacken Open Air performance trip for example. Apart from that, there is unity among the bands in Meghalaya, which isn’t a very common thing to see in the Assam. This is the reason why Meghalaya is comparatively at a better place than Assam’s in this regard despite the fact that in terms of talent, there is no such difference between the two. Also, a section of the audience is more interested in boozing or doping excessively at the time of the gigs. Even amidst that, there are places in Assam where the bands get an audience who show their support to the fullest” adds Suraj.

RAGE dreams to release a 8-10 songs full length album, which shall be a concept album; the songwriting is still in process. They have two more songs completed, apart from The Sado Renaissance. They have completed one and a half years in the Metal scene of Assam and aims to headline festivals and underground gigs soon. “With our songs and performances, we are confident of getting to that” says the band. “The fact that we don’t try to be this or that particular artist, or play this or that particular genre/subgenre, unlike most other bands in the present day, although there are exceptions, makes us unique” they add.

The Sado Renaissance: Lyrics of the song  describes the sadist face of the society that we all live in. The word ‘SADO’ itself is taken from the word ‘Sadism’, which actually means a sexual pleasure that is attained by harming and torturing others mentally or physically. But in this context, sadism is used only metaphorically to describe the multifaceted society, one of whose faces can truly be said to be sadistic. This can be compared with the fact that the strong ones and the ones with power, wealth and other material possessions dominate and torture their weaker counterparts in an attempt to get their own satisfactions and desires fulfilled.

One of the major characteristic of the modern world is the advancement of technology, specifically the World Wide Web. The internet, despite having its infinite merits, has also served as a bane to this world as we have all known and seen the increase of developments of sick mindsets of people resulting in heinous cyber crimes. The new age people’s curiosity knows no bound and with the technology that we have, there is no stopping from knowing every minute evil ways and tactics to become a new overnight sensation everyday. Apart from that, true emotions like LOVE has also lost its vitality in this modern world, as LUST and GREED has taken over, resulting in a new era, a Renaissance that has began since the 20th century precisely, with technology and globalisation taking over the world.



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