Relive your childhood with this amazing cover of Zubeen Garg’s Monoloi Ubhoti Aahe Lorali | Mesmerizing Video

Monole Ubhoti Aahe Lorali – a song we have loved and related to, A song we have sung in our childhood, A song we have shared with our friends and siblings?

Don’t you wish to relive those moments of your childhood again? Don’t you want to roam around those beautiful roads of your village? Don’t you wish to experience the love of your grandparents again?

I DO!!!

And here’s a way you can do that too, all you need is a bit of inspiration. And here’s the perfect source of inspiration for that- this amazing cover of Monole Ubhoti Aahe Lorali.

Listen here.

Originally by ZUBEEN GARG from the movie DAAG.



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