Recollect your childhood with Shankuraj Konwar’s Lorali

Guwahati, March 05: Childhood, a period of time in ours lives, is something we always miss after stepping into adulthood. We recollect our childhoods numerous times, sometimes even daily. Even a small incident, a simple sight of children playing on the roads is enough to trigger us back into our amazing childhood. Sometimes, a song has that effect in us too and one such song is “Lorali” by Shankuraj Konwar; well, the title itself has some kind of effect, doesn’t it? After listening to the song, we would suggest all our readers to recollect your childhood with Shankuraj Konwar’s Lorali as it is the best thing you will do today; even the video of the song will take you on a roller coaster ride through memories of childhood.

“Lorali, the third song of the ongoing album Baartalaap, explores the existential shades of the human mind, through a journey back to the nostalgia entwined in childhood, only to arrive at a state of nihilism, taking into account the chaos of the present times. Lorali  can only be safe in the memories which lull into the arms of a mother, but the artist is always a child” says Shankuraj Konwar in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

Recollect your memories of childhood with Lorali here.

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