Pratibimba | Beautiful Assamese EDM track by Ellana

Guwahati, March 10: A beautiful EDM track ‘Pratibimba‘ was released on YouTube today by a team who call themselves ‘Ellana‘. ELLANA stands for ‘ELectronic LAnguage of NAture’ and is an Indian independent ‘Electropop’ and ‘Indiepop’ music record label based in Assam.

‘Pratibamba’ is a song based on a psychological substance of a girl and her distressed mind going through a series of dream disorders and a virtual world. A part of the lyrics is based on the script of the video, to be released soon. Also, another verse of the song is inspired from the philosophy of famous peace activist “Peace Pilgrim”.

Ellana’s current roster includes Unmeelan Boruah, Priyanku Hazarika, Yadav Krishna Gogoi and Bonya Rani Boruah. Ellana has featured releases from the aforementioned musicians and are likely to work in collaboration with various young generation musicians, performers, instrumentalists and cinematographers in the days to come.

The track is undoubtedly one of the best EDM addition in the Assamese Music Industry and we are already excited for the music video to release.

Till then, check out the track here.

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Check out a cover by the vocalist here.



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