Oti Jomoni Xomaaz | A smacking single by SMACK

Guwahati, May 14: SMACK, Soulful Music At Cotton Kollege, have released their first music video – Oti Jomoni Xomaaz.

The song is all about the degrading scenario of our present society, presented in a satirical way.

The song was written by Muku who also composed the music. It may be mentioned here that the inception of Oti Jomoni Xomaaz was in a hostel room of Cotton College (now Cotton University).

“Assam is now burning with protests. This is our protest, through the medium of music” says Muku in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

“Dedicated to all our well wishers” says the team in unison about their first music video.

Watch the music video here.

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The music video is undoubtedly one among the best pieces of recent time!



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