Official Music Video of Ki Bedonate out | A melodious visual treat

Guwahati, December 05: The official music video of Ki Bedonate by Baartalaap, the musical duo comprising of Shankuraj Konwar and Maitrayee Patar, was recently released and yes, it is nothing less than a Melodious Visual Treat for listeners. “Ki Bedonate” is undoubtedly one of the best Assamese songs you will come across in recent times and the music video has added to its charm.

The music video is shot and edited by Kadambari Kashyap and Maaruf Bin Rafique, and the cast includes Arghadeep Barua, Kadambari Kashyap and Shankuraj Konwar. It must be noted that the music video has garnered more than 6K views on YouTube in two days.

The songs of the album “Baartalaap” are lyrically based on the fine details of human emotions and framed in indigenous melodies with a touch of electronic and ambient sound. Baartalaap initially consisted of three to four songs originally written by Shankuraj. Later Maitrayee joined in with more songs to render it to a full length album. Baartalaap is the debut musical project of the duo.

Watch the music video here.

Let darkness be your fuel

To ignite again

The stardust lying underneath your volatile skin.

You are meant to burn and shine

And then to wither away in the wake of early spring.


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