Nijaanor Xuhuri | Music that flows smoother than silk

Guwahati, February 27: What is it that we want while listening to a song? Smoothness, among the many other things. And when the music flows at a pace smoother than silk, it’s when the heart jumps into the flow to drown in the music. “Nijaanor Xuhuri” has the same effect on listeners.

“As a music producer, I have tried my best to bring something new to the the Assamese music scene. A style of music that has never been used properly till now in any Assamese song, as far as I know. The video is also very unique in its way, that its more like an abstract graphic art. Videos with people in it has become very common these days, you see” says composer Pritom Gohain Boruah in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. “The feedback has been very good so far. Big names like Joi Baruah and Anurag Saikia have loved the song. I hope people will appreciate our work too” he adds.

The songĀ “Nijaanor Xuhuri” is a neo-psychedelic song that speaks about the various thoughts and emotions reverberating in a person’s mind for his lost love.

Listen to the track here.

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