Musafir | Amazing EP by Assamese Music Artist released

Guwahati, October 29: “Musafir is a Hindi word which means a Nomad. The EP is the story of a nomad who moves from one town to the other and his realisations about love, life and people” says Music Artist Abhilash Choudhury about his EP ‘Musafir’ that released today.

“The Musafir project started on April, 2016 and pre production started on October in home set up” says Abhilash in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. An electronics engineer by qualification, along with an MBA in Marketing degree, he is the son of Classical Singer Nanda Barman Choudhury. “I don’t remember when I started singing but till the time I can remember of, I have been singing” says Abhilash.

He started playing the guitar at the age of 17 and started songwriting in 2013. He developed his own style of playing and started doing shows in the South, along with a few in Guwahati which include his performances at Coffee House, Cotton College, Cafe Mocha and Maati Centre Poetry Session. When asked about his future plans, he says that he is going to be associated with different initiatives to bring out Indie Music in Guwahati. “I also want to work in Assamese films” he adds. About the present music scenario in the city, he says “There are many good musicians in Guwahati. It all depends on how the society accepts them. It is high time for a venue to be created for artist, say for weekly performances, where the audience does not for only food and a mere outing. Musicians and bands have their responsibility too, they need to grow and evolve on a continuous basis.” He also plans to compile his already written songs into an album very soon.

His recently released EP, Musafir, consists of three amazing tracks – Guzarish, Musafir (Title track) and Sapno Ke Aage. One thing that can be said about the tracks is that they are relatable and the listener does not find it difficult at all

Listen to Guzarish here.

The tracks are written and performed by Abhilash Choudhury, and mixed and mastered by Kochi based producer Vivek Thomas.

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