Maa…Aji Moi Nithorua | When memories hit chords

Everyone will agree that recently the image of the Assamese music industry has not beenone that every Assamese music fan will be proud of. In fact there has been numerous debates on how it should be and how it shouldn’t be. In an effort to revive this industry and take it to a level where it can compete to its national and international counterparts, a number of young talents have emerged. With an objective of being the saviour, these musicians has produced numerous songs in recent time. Every topic one can think of has been covered, ranging from the pride of Assam ‘Majuli’ to a basic daily necessity ‘Washing Powder Nirma’.

Recently we came across a song released by a band named ‘Instithi’ formed by four hostel buddies from Jorhat – ‘Maa…Aji Moi Nithorua’. It is a song that was written in memory of a lost mother by a band that was formed over the usual friendly hostel discussions. The members include- Chinmoi Bordoloi ( lead singer), Aqil Zaman ( lead guitarist), Darshan Borgohain (acoustic guitar) and Koushik Das (keyboard). Chinmoi is an ex-student of JB college and the rest still hold the badge of the prestigious institute. “Band form kora topic tu enei hostelot adda nisina ke ulaisil” said the guitarist Darshan. The song was recorded and shot entirely in Jorhat and released on the 2nd of July,2017.

This song made me believe in the saying ‘Memories can be powerful’. At times when the topic of music in Assam has a question mark behind it, songs like this can be considered an effort worth appreciating.

Watch the song here



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