Hues’ Oblivion | The best thing you’ll listen and watch today

Guwahati, November 01: Oblivion, a folkatronic music video, was released today evening. Team UniTreed already knew of the release time and we were waiting eagerly for it. And trust us when we say that the track as well as the video is AMAZING!

Oblivion was an attempt to narrate the same story both aurally and visually. In this case, story of a place and a person. The story, of course, is two-fold. The first being the real beauty of Assam, its culture and tradition, its people and food; and the second story being an individual in the state of oblivion, coming out of it through his loyal love for his homeland, and search for its surreal music” says the team.

The track is an amalgamation of folk, classical, rock and electronic music whereas the video is a mesmerising representation of Assam.

Watch  the amazing music video here.

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