Herua Xubaax by Awrr | Music that touches one’s heart

Guwahati, February 20: Assamese band “Awrr” released their second single “Herua Xubaax” recently and it has taken YouTube by storm as the video has garnered more than 55k views within three days of its release. The song as well as the music video depicts the beautiful feeling of loving someone. It is a tribute to all the untold feelings that everyone has felt at least once in their lives.

The project had started a long time ago: the chorus part of the song was created just after finishing the Xopunor Baat, the first single of the band. As all the band members live in different locations, the process of shaping this song mostly happened over Watsapp group discussions and long conference calls. Also whenever they met, the members sat down for setting the melody as well as the accompanying music. The music video is made by Alchemy Pixels and the song was recorded at Orange Studio, Rajgarh.

The song is co produced by Dhriti Das and Sudipta Dipak.

“Well, it is way too overwhelming for the five of us. We have got good response in the past with the first single Xopunor baat. But this is something that we couldn’t even imagine. The fact that we tried so hard in order to make the dream a reality, and that all the people are loving it that too in such large numbers is certainly inspiring us” says band member Tonmoy Gogoi in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. “This was a collective effort, as we didn’t have any external backing except for the co producers, and every single one of are quite happy for this. We want to say to all the people through your platform that it is really encouraging. We sincerely thank all of you for your response” he adds.

Enjoy the amazing track here.

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