Guwahati band BNW to release their album “Enchanting Criminal” on the 30th this month | Music

BNW is all set to release their album “Enchanting Criminal” on the 30th of July, 2017. The album consists of 10 tracks and also features various artists.

So who, or what, is BNW?

BNW is an Indian Pop Rock band formed in Guwahati, Assam in 2014, The band consists of Bhargav Talukdar and Writam Changkakoti. They started working on their debut album in 2014 and after Bhargav went to Bangalore to pursue his Masters, the duo got time to work together only during their semester breaks.

After Bhargav came back from Bangalore, he and Writam decided to finalise the production of the songs. In the album, they have tried make each song distinct from the other. “We have used different types of instruments in the album such as ukulele, flute, tabla, tanpura etc. One can expect our sound to be a blend of both acoustic and electronic music. The sound is mainly driven from Pop music, though we also try and mix elements from different genres. The audio production is being done by Writam and I did the lyrics writing” says band member Bhargav.

The album will certainly create waves and that can be easily made out from the two teasers they have released.

Watch the teasers here.

Long Gone


Skip a Beat



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