Close to you Assamese mix out | Listen to the amazing track now

Guwahati, September 19: Hailing from a family where music had its deep rooted existence, Bhargav got a well-guided exposure to Assamese folk music at a very young age. What started off as a casual norm in the
household got the stamp of authenticity when he decided to learn Hindustani Classical. This inclination became passion and Bhargav landed in Delhi to pursue Music Production/Technology sound engineering at SACAC. With the knowledge of the science of sound, Bhargav extended his horizon and started composing original songs apart from his love for vocal renditions. In 2013, he co-founded Ojapali, a group of musicians who redefined the texture of Assamese folk songs. Their performances at various events
have earned them mentions in many music magazines and websites.

Apart from this, he has found a place in the local music scene as a talented music producer post his collaboration with many artists.

Bhargav recently released a new single on YouTube (Close to you- Chinnamon ft. Bhargav-Assamese mix) and needless to say the track is what defines the undergoing change in the scenario of the regional music industry.

Listen to the track here.

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You can visit Bhargav’s website here.



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