Amazing fusion of Assamese composition and electro music | Jolopropat

“Jolopropat” is the first single which resulted from a collaboration project between Rainforest Records and Baartalaap, featuring guitarist Kangkan Rabha.

Rainforest Records is founded by Abhi Saikia, an electronic music producer and DJ from Sivasagar and Baartalaap, a musical project co-founded by Shankuraj Konwar (Jorhat) and Maitrayee Patar(Guwahati); both of them singers and songwriters of the project.

Abhi Saikia,in a conversation with Team UniTreed, says “On June 5, I got a text from Shankuraj on Facebook congratulating me on my remix of Angaraag Papon Mahanta’s Tumarei Jen, also adding that he wanted  to collaborate with me. As a matter of fact, even I wanted to collaborate with him and had texted him long back.  I gave one of my rough idea how the song is going to be, a little composition of drum groove and bass synth to give my vibe. After that he wrote the lyrics and composed the tune and added soul to the track. From that day, I started working on my musical composition using modern electronic musical elements to give my style and Rainforest Records vibe with the help of FL Studio. I use FL Studio for production because it’s the best to put creative ideas together. Most of the sound I used in this track is designed by myself with the help of VST Plugin Serum like the bassy saw and plucks.”

“One really has to spend hours looking for the right sound to match with the track. I kept all the sounds organic as possible. One day I sent the track to one of my Guitarist friend Kangkan Rabha to let me know how he feels about the song. He liked it so much that he was willing to play on our track” he adds.

Abhi is inspired by Western Music and always wanted to give that kind of feel in Assamese Music, he says.

Shankuraj Konwar has always been a fan of electronic music and been listening to it since his early college days. “Artists like  Skream, Hatcha, Kode9, etc who are pioneers of dubstep music and contemporary artists such as Phaleah, Blackmill, Mitis, Seven Lions belonging to genres like melodic dubstep, have always amazed me” he says.

“I always wanted to create something out of this inspiration and fortunately at that precise time, I happened to run into Abhi Saikia. Soon we found ourselves collaborating and Jolopropat was the outcome. We are really amazed at the warm reception of the song by the audience not only from Northeast but also from other parts of India. We were quite skeptical regarding the reception of the song as this kind of an experimentation had rarely been done in Assamese music. However, we are really happy of the outcome now. Looking forward to more projects.” he adds

Listen to this amazing piece here.

Abhi Saikia and Shankuraj Konwar are now working on the official video of “Jolopropat”, the release date of which will be announced shortly. They are also working on their debut EP, with more  electronic dance music songs under their belts.

Album Art and Logo Design: Samiran Borgohain.

It must be noted that the track garnered almost 9000 views on YouTube in three days.

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