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Guwahati, November 20: “The idea of Aabotoriya Borohun was conceived in May this year. I was randomly humming a tune to myself and it instantly touched my heart. I called my friend Raj, who is brilliant with words, and told him to write something on the lines of a lover yearning for his beloved. I was very clear that it had to be a romantic track. He got back to me in three days with the first draft and the journey began” says composer and singer Chandropal Deka about his song “Aabotoria Boruxhun“.

“We wrote and rewrote, composed and the process went on for months, to get the piece together and when we finally had the complete lyrics along with the composition, another friend of mine Debb, from Barpeta Road, took over from there. He helped us get the song ready with his expertise; recording, mixing mastering and arrangement, to say the overall music production was in his hands. There were musicians from all over Guwahati, Barpeta, Morigaon, Pune who helped us shape the song” he adds.

Deka met Khalid Nazim and Aparup Thakuria through Annanya Nath and the entire video team came together. Tiraap Simanta Medhi, one of the well known directors and cinematographers of modern Assamese videography, played a major role in making the whole project a success. Deka conveys his gratitude to all the team members. He also thanks his family for their support.

Enjoy the soothing track here.

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