A song dedicated to memories and Nostalgia | Herua Anubhuti

Herua Anubhuti is a song to which anyone who has to leave his or her hometown can connect to. One who has to leave friends back and move on to a new society, to live his dream or maybe for a new job. In this modern era where rapid urbanization renders the occupation of agriculture unattractive, many youths move to cities in search of jobs.  Then comes the flashes of bittersweet memories and one gets nostalgic.

“But nostalgia is a good thing as it binds us to the root, to the place where we belong. And we know life is a journey where we make both bitter and sweet memories to be cherished for long” says singer Arnov Pachani in a rendezvous with team UniTreed.

(PS The video of the song is quite UNIQUE)

Watch the song here.

About the Author :

About Arnov Pachani:

The singer hails from Digboi, Assam and is currently staying in Umiam, Meghalaya, working as a Consultant Engineer in North Eastern Police Academy. He is graduate from Jorhat Engineering college. “I am an avid music lover and always in a spree to explore new music by artists old and new” says Arnov. He says that he was lucky enough to be surrounded by music right from childhood as his father always used to switch on the All India Radio, Dibrugarh station at 6 in the morning. “I was lucky enough to have friends who would genuinely appreciate music both in my school days and college days, and even now” he adds.

Team UniTreed wishes Arnov all the success ahead and expects his next single to be out real soon.



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