Savour Goan cuisine in Guwahati | Food festival underway at Hotel Gateway Grandeur

Guwahati, December 09: A 10-day Goan Food Festival began on December 08 at Hotel Gateway Grandeur, Guwahati, serving delicacies from Goa to food lovers of the city. The special menu includes Goan Style Lobster, Rawa Fry Pomfret, Prawn Balchao, Goan Village Salad, Dry Prawn Kismur Salad, Chicken & Pineapple Salad, Goan Pork Sorpotel, Goan Coconut Rice among other delicacies.

Team UniTreed had the opportunity to be part of a Bloggers’ meet held at the restaurant of Hotel Gateway Grandeur – Florentine and yes, we agree that we did experience Goa (referring to food) in our very own Guwahati.

Looks yummy, doesn’t it?

 Florentine was decorated and so set up to provide visitors a feeling and ambience of being in Goa.

Restaurant staff in Goan get-up

The restaurant welcomes foodies with three different drinks – Sol Kadi, Coconut Water and Grape Juice, among which grape juice is undoubtedly the best.

The food festival provides foodies with two different soups – Sopa de Camarao (Non veg) and Caldo Verde (Veg). Unlike usual times, the veg delicacy, Caldo Verde, came out victorious as the preferred one by Team UniTreed.

The restaurant serves around 10 starters (three veg and eight non veg) among which Rawa Fry Pomfret is what swept the hearts of all the food bloggers present.

One can also try the Rawa Babycorn Fry, but make sure you eat it while it is hot.

Among the main course, Pomfret once again bagged the winning streak with Pomfret Recheado, a curry prepared with shallow fried pomfrets and recheado masala). One could complete a rice bowl with only the curry.

Rawa Fry Pomfret, Goan Coconut Rice, Pomfret Recheado and Mutton Vindaloo (Left to right)

By the time we finished the main course (PS. we could not finish everything: too many items for our little stomachs to hold), our stomachs were more than full. But then came of the best items we had, the dessert, “Mugadali Godshe“, which can described with one word – Balanced. The sweetness was so perfectly within limit that it alone upgraded the whole experience at the food festival.

Mugadali Godshe

A meal for two (including starters, main course and dessert) would, on an average, cost around Rs 800-900.

Visit the festival and experience the delicacies of Goa in your own city!



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