6 Ballygunge Place adds Lunch and Dinner Thalis to its menu

Guwahati, February 24: Bengali cuisine restaurant 6 Ballygunge Place has brought its customers a specially curated Thali menu. Taking inspiration from its roots, the restaurant has combined a mixture of fresh and exciting dishes with classic favourites to offer a new tasting experience for diners of the city.

The new Thali menu at 6 Ballygunge Place, curated by celebrity chef and co-owner Sushanta Sengupta, consists of rice, loochi/paratha, daal, saag bhaja, shukto, one vegetable dish, chutney and dessert for the Veg Thali, with additions of fish, chicken, mutton, prawn or hilsa respectively for the non-vegetarian selections.

Sushanta Sengupta

The Vegetarian Thali is priced at Rs 240, while Fish Thali is available at Rs 285, Chicken Thali at Rs 300, Mutton and Prawn Thali at Rs 385 each and the Hilsa Thali at Rs 725. The new Thali menu is available for lunch and dinner from February 22 onwards, alongside the existing a la carte menu.

Announcing this special concept, Chef Sushanta Sengupta said “The Thali concept is very popular across India, especially because of the variety of options that one gets to taste on a single platter, and that too, at an affordable price. Foodies often find thali meals filling and all-encompassing as you need not bother about ordering starters, main course and desserts separately. There is a happening young crowd in Guwahati and the Thali is sure to be a big hit with them as well as others.”

6 Ballygunge Place started in Guwahati in  2016. The Bengali restaurant chain, originally located at Ballygunge in South Kolkata, was established in 2003. It has won numerous awards and recognitions from esteemed organizations like Lonely Planet, National Geographic, American Express, The Telegraph among others.

For reservations at 6 Ballygunge Place, contact +918876652387



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