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Creating magic with their dreamcatchers is a group of three girls from Guwahati who call their startup Elysian. Elysian is comprised of Purnima Borgohain, Rosismita Laskar and Smritilekha Sarma.
How it all started: Smriti and Rosismita first made a dreamcatcher for their friend as a birthday gift. Dreamcatchers were popular in Shillong back then too. After they came back to Guwahati, they showed Purnima their creations and taught her to make them too. Purnima made a dreamcatcher for a friend’s birthday 2015. Since most of the people in Guwahati did not know anything about dreamcatchers, they decided to sell them through Instagram. But a major setback during that period was their admissions. By 2016, Rosismita got admission in Kolkota, Purnima was in Guwahati and Smriti decided to prepare for competitive examinations. Finally, in May 2017, when Rosismita got her internship in Guwahati, she made a dreamcatcher for herself and a friend who saw it ordered one for herself. “It was then we decided to open the Instagram page. Then the rest.” says Purnima Buragohain in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

The Instagram page was opened om May 21,2017 and they have received more than 25 orders in a month. The price range starts from Rs 299.
Here are some of their amazing creations.

(Available for Rs 350)

(Available for Rs 350)

(Available for Rs 450)

(Available for Rs 350)

Now you must be thinking where you can buy these amazing dreamcatchers. Here is the link to their Instagram page. You can also buy them at Brahmaputra Fables.

The Team

Team UniTreed wishes Elysian all the success.

PS. They also make keychains and bookmarks.



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