Watch magician from Assam perform amazing card trick

Guwahati, October 20: We all have to agree that we have always by fascinated by Magic. We have always tried our best to find out the magician’s trick, which we know to exist but do not know what. Perhaps that is what separates magic from other performances, where the audience know the tricks and ways even if they can’t themselves perform the same.

We have all seen shows, of course on Television, of Criss Angel, Dynamo among others. There are also magicians from Assam who are doing a great job. Among them is a young guy in his mid twenties, Ruhini Gogoi, who is well known for his card tricks.

Image source: Facebook

Ruhini is now a popular figure in the Magic scenario of Assam and have performed in several shows till date including street performances and performances at Metropolis Guwahati.

Watch Ruhini perform his trick here.

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