Unexplored Nagaland | The breathtaking beauty of Northeast

By Rinku Kumari

Nagaland, the Northeastern state gifted with natural beauty is an amazing tourist destination with breathtaking view of the hills, valleys, clouds, diversity of culture, waterfall and greenery all over. The hills and the valleys make Nagaland a perfect destination for camping and trekking.

Nagaland, of course, has not been explored by many people; many have not even heard about Nagaland as a state but I am sure that this article shall compel you to visit the diverse and  picturesque Nagaland, decorated with beautiful rhododendron and waterfalls that appear in new forms and beauty with every change of scenery.

Mokokchung, a district in Nagaland which is the home of the Ao Naga tribe, is one of the most beautiful and unexplored region of the state; the land of adorable beauty and mesmerizing culture.

Chuchuyimlang, known for the celebration of various tribal festivals, is a beautiful village where the festivals have been celebrated since the birth of Ao Naga tribe. The Moatsu festival commences on the 1st of May and lasts for three days.

Mopungchuket is a historical village in Mokokchung District, famous for its historic past and romantic story of Jina and Etiben, who meet with a tragic end. The legendary love story of Jina and Etiben is so popular among the Ao Nagas that a tower, commemorating their love story and struggle, has been constructed and is one of the prominent attractions of the village. It is also believed that the monuments located on the outskirts of the village provided shelter to the Ahoms.

Located at a height of around 1,846 metres, Longkhum village follows the traditions and customs of Ao Naga; the village practices the Limapur religion. There are numerous shrines dedicated to God Longlanpa Tsungrem in the village.

Likewise, there are end number of places to visit in Nagaland located at Kohima, Dimapur, Mon, etc. The fiercely independent Naga tribes are also very warm-hearted beings whose friendly ways make visitors feel at home. The clan traditions and loyalties play a vital role in the life of Nagas and majority of these tribes have mastered the art of weaving and Jhum cultivation.

PS. Rural areas are more attractive, colourful and unique compared to what travelers have seen so far.





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