This song by Sadho based on Assam’s Bihu is a must listen | A treat for the ears

Zindagi is Sadho’s first production in the Folk Nation series. Based on the Bihu folk music from Assam, it is Sadho’s attempt to recreate the beautiful sounds of the hills.

About the song: This composition is based on Bihu. A basic characteristic of the ethnic music of Assam is its descending scale which distinguishes it from the raga-based or folk music from the rest of India. This style is shared by ethnic music of the hill people surrounding the state of Assam, and by the music of Thailand, Myanmar and China.
The native music of Assam including Bihu songs, Bodo, Karbi and Mising songs are structured and sung to the Pentatonic scale exactly similar to Chinese Traditional Music, an indication of the ancient Chinese influence on Assamese Culture.
Furthermore, the tunes are structured in a pyramid, in contrast to the music of rest of India which is meend based. Assam is a state with valleys and hills, and the home of many ethnic tribes. Just as the geography and varied people co-exist, the pulsating Bihu songs co-exist with languorous music of other forms. Come explore India with us. Cheers!

Listen to this amazing song here.

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