This documentary on the recent Assam Flood will touch your hearts | Morigaon

The recent flood waves that hit Assam led to devastation across the whole state. Lakhs of people were affected and rendered homeless, whereas more than hundred people lost their lives. Many are yet to recover from the loss they incurred.

Akha, a documentary produced by Roar Creations, captures the plight of flood victims of Morigaon and how people also help one another during the time of need. Due to time constraints, Vishal P Chaliha, the director, cinematographer and editor,  decided to show the victims of Morigaon district, which is one of the most flood affected districts of Assam.

The idea of filming the victims was suggested by the director’s Martial Arts Teacher, Y. Tombi Singh and he was also guided by his friend Baharul Islam. It must be noted that the entire documentary was shot in a single day.

Watch the documentary here.



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