THINKER’S ADDA | Let’s speak and fight out depression

By Dhrubatara Bhattacharjya (in association with UJJEEVIT FOUNDATION)

Guwahati, January 30: “Depression”, a word everyone is familiar with, has influenced every individual in one form or the other (mostly in a negative manner). We, the “society”, have always avoided it and today it has become one of the major reasons for stress, suicides, personality disorders and what not! !Discussing about it with people gives us an idea of how common it is; we feel relaxed once we share it.

This was the main motive of THINKER’S ADDA organized by UJJEEVIT FOUNDATION January 23 at Cotton University Coffee House. The event witnessed many youngsters (mostly in their early twenties) from different parts of Guwahati and Assam coming together and sharing their experiences which pushed them to go through depression at such a young age. From sexual harassment to peer pressure, from social influences to job experiences – everybody has faced similar situations.

The event was also accompanied by motivational speeches, poem recitations, unplugged performances which made the evening very balanced and beautiful. The event proved once again that the problems which we face have solutions hidden amongst us. It is never too late to ask for help, never too late to share our experiences and never ever to late to raise our voices.

Ujjeevit foundation (a registered youth-led not for profit organization) did an amazing job on their first attempt to organize such a get together and that too on such a bold topic. It’s always an amazing sight to see the young guns of the generation coming forward to help the society.

“Thinker’s Adda” is an open forum for the youth of the city to come together to share their experiences, views and opinions on relevant and critical issues. The organization decided to focus on the theme of “Depression among youth: How to fight it?” for the first forum which was organized in association with Unitreed, as the online media partner. “Thinker’s Adda” is a vision to make the youth of the region come out to speak and discuss about issues infesting our society and make them realise the potential of discussions and collaborations. The spadework of the organizers resulted in the success of the first forum as it witnessed a consolidation of young people to discuss and share their stories on depression.

The forum commenced with a story and some encouraging words by the renowned environmentalist, women’s right activist and social entrepreneur, Supriya Khound. She stated the necessity to speak up, cut down on expectations and live life positively as it unfolds with some good and some bad things. Another speaker while sharing her story emphasized the need for psychological assistance when the going gets too difficult and complicated. Some even suggested of alternatives like music, which one can resort to, to fight the evils of depression. There was a mention about the use of ‘affirmation technique’ and how it can be effective in helping some people overcome from bad phases and regain their confidence. Furthermore, all the speakers were of the opinion that feelings shouldn’t be bottled up and that they should be voiced and shared. Only therein lies the solution to the root cause. All the speakers spoke their hearts out with some expressing thoughts and feelings they had held on to themselves for long, in front of a crowd which was mostly unfamiliar to them, thereby fulfilling the goal of the forum of providing a platform to the young people to speak about their anxieties and insecurities.

The organizers deserve credit for coming forward and organizing such an event and the participants deserve equal credit for showing an overwhelming acceptance towards it. After witnessing the kind of response it received, the organizers plan to organize it regularly in a bigger and better way.



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