“Think weddings, think Cupid Dreams” but this amazing group has more to offer | Photography

Cupid Dreams does not need any introduction. We all know and love the team and their work.

They say “Marriages/Weddings are made in heaven”, and when these weddings are weaved with love from the bows of Cupid, these weddings are in themselves a heaven. And to capture the amazing moments of the creation of these heavens, one deserves the best moment capturers (Well, that’s what I call the team of Cupid Dreams).

Here are a few of their sample photographs which speaks out loud the fact that they are the best moment capturers.


Wedding Shoot

  1. Beauty lies everywhere


2. Traditions


3. Souls of the Earth


4. You and I in this Beautiful World


5. The Big Fat Indian Wedding


6. B is for Bride, B is for Beauty


7. Yes! Marriages are really made in Heaven


8.  Happiness all the way


Baby Photos-hoot

9. Cuteness overloaded


10. The Poser


Bonus Photograph:

Visit their Facebook page here.

Cupid Dreams is co-founded by Rejaul Arsad, Rupjyoti Dutta & Nandini Gogoi. They are based in Guwahati.

Contact no. – 098644 70701



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