The search for INDEPENDENCE | A short film by BLACK CURRENT

The search for INDEPENDENCE, a short film made by Assamese filmmakers is one of the best short film you will find on the internet today. Asutosh Kashyap and Partha Hazarika are the ones behind this short film. “The search for INDEPENDENCE” tries portray that in spite of getting Independence from the British long ago, are we actually free to live? Have we actually attained independence? This short film is thought provoking.

Asking Asutosh Kashyap, who also played the role of the protagonist, about how they got this idea, he replied “It was anonymous. We were planning to follow real life stories. Then one of our friends Chayanika Bharadwaj gave us a story. We changed the story to a different perspective and got this result”.

This short film is made under the banner of Black Current.

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