Meet teen innovator Dhruba Jyoti Kakati from Lakhimpur Assam

A boy named Dhruba Jyoti Kakati from village no. 1, Morisuti, Pathalipahar, which is 45 kms away from North Lakhimpur, Assam has completed 5 different innovations useful to mankind.

He completed his HS from North Lakhimpur College and now is a student at Biswanath College of Agriculture , Assam.

From his childhood, his love for science was prominent and his family has been supporting him in every step. He has been inspired by the thoughts and works of great Scientists of the likes of Thomas Alva Edison and APJ Abdul Kalam. His inspirations also include Assam’s own innovator Uddhab Bharali.

One of his innovations was featured in the television show Teenovation, which is aired by the TV channel Zee Q.

Three of his innovations include:

1. Match Incense sticks – It is a type of incense stick which can be used without any external source of fire.


2. Multipurpose Crutch– It is developed by using two simple of crutches for multipurpose use. Its special feature is that it can be transformed into a table/chair. It can be of immense help to physically handicapped people.


3. Umbrella Helper box– It is a removable box which can be connected to an umbrella and Solar energy is used as a source of power to charge cell phones. A torch light is also connected which will be helpful during rainy nights.


Such innovators are not new to Assam. We have talents residing in each and every corner of our region. Following the right track, they can go a long way.



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