Team from Tezpur comes up with ‘Reflecting Collar’ to save stray dogs from accidents

Tezpur, April 07: This Stray Animals Day (April 04), the team of The UnCivilised Indian have come up with a project #SaveStrays ‘Collar Reflectors’ for stray dogs.

“Basically to eradicate all kind of accidents they come through due to lack of care, we have come up with the reflecting collar so that drivers come to know of their presence from a distance and act accordingly” say  the team in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

Rahul Pandey, founder of The Uncivilised Indian and an executive member Gaurov Rajput Saha have come up with the idea.

“A target has been set for as many as 500 dogs in the town and we have been getting huge response from the localities. We are responding to them. More than 30 reflectors have already been put on the stray dags of the area and work is still in progress” the team says.

It may be mentioned here that the cost of the collars is being borne by the team themselves.

The team had also rescued a pregnant cow on Friday night.

The team targets to spread the awareness for the little souls and hopes that everyone joins them in their journey.

The team is also expanding to Guwahati. Anybody who wishes to join the noble cause may drop a mail at


Don’t forget to let people know of this noble campaign.



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