Tapan Deka from Assam takes model of electronic modulation of trigonometry to next level

“Tapan Deka from Assam takes model of electronic modulation of trigonometry to next level”

Tapan Deka, who hails from a village called Domal of Morigaon District, Assam has said recently made a model of electronic modulation of trigonometry that is very cost effective. This basic trigonometric modulation model uses electric circuit, light, wire battery. The total cost of this model is around 300 rupees and it took around 4-5 hours to make it operational. Reportedly, this is one of the best electronic trigonometry modulation model currently one can find on Internet. As per the creator’s statement, this model got the first prize in several exhibitions.

Talking to unitreed, he told that this is a very fun and cost effective working model of electronic modulation of trigonometry. It’s a good exhibition model for high school students.

Photo: During Making

When we connect sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, cosec to neutral end and 0°-90° connected to positive end of the battery and sin to cosec and 0° to 45°; all points have a nail each and from that, we can check the respective trigonometry values by connecting two wires with those points.

Photo : During Making

He also urges those having interest in Maths, electricity, trigonometry and specially high school students to look into this model and create their own models.



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