Swaglok | Northeast’s first online customisation brand

Do you remember wishing hard to make up for forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday by wearing a tee with her pretty face on it? If yes, then try to recall how you failed at every attempt in trying something as cool as getting a tee personalised according to your demands. Not anymore folks!

Swaglok is here to your rescue.  Being North-East’s first ever online customisation brand that allows you to customize and personalise your own products, Swaglok is a brand on its own. A brand that promises quantity with quality with personalised designs that makes one stand out.

Leena Bothra Jain, the creator of Swaglok.

We all have, at one point, felt that a certain thought or an image represents our personalities and wanted to satisfy our tastes by adorning those quotes on what we were wearing. Swaglok just happens to make this task easier and affordable without any hassle.

The debut of Swaglok in the public eye was the introduction of a couple of tees during the much anticipated Valentine’s Day. This event threw spotlight on its potential, attracted a good number of audience and response, and promised a colourful future for Swaglok.

The next few months went into spiral advertising and building customer satisfaction which landed Swaglok into a family of 15 super talented young people who have aspirations higher than mountains to make this startup big and huge. With new ideas and innovations, Swaglok has tied up with a few cafes and one can see table tops across most cafes in Guwahati. With a mix bag of small and big orders like making customised tee-shirts for Gauhati Law college to collaborating events with bars and pubs like Underdoggs and BTW cafe, it is a team of hardworking teammates.  A new venture was recently released on customer’s demands, which is customized phone covers, and with more and better varieties, Swaglok is announcing another exciting products soon.

Why Swaglok when there are other similar businesses lurking around?

Starting from being the only online platform for customisation in the region to accepting single orders unlike the rest, the reasons are not a few. The role of a customer in the execution of a customised piece of cloth is to primarily share the idea of design with the experts who design it for absolutely FREE, and then on approving the designs, they get it printed exclusively and delivered within the time rate. Holding the reputation of being punctual so far, they make sure the entire process is limited to 7 working days only. Swaglok promises best quality tee-shirts and offers customisation with no minimum order and at the most pocket-friendly rates.

With so much hype with the name, Swaglok lives up to it. Confidence in style, individual personalities and flawless designs are what sums up Swaglok.

Starting from a scratch and after a lot of brainstorming and hard work, to-day they stand with pride and brighter than what they were three months back. SwagLok  has around 2000 followers, customer base of around 560 people, and a team of 15 young people. A big day is on the cards as towards the end of this month, Swaglok is launching its own website which will allow viewers and customers the chance to go through the options available. Customers can place orders and track shipment directly from there. Striving for the best, they are hoping for more followers and more customers.

Leena Jain , the creator at SwagLok, says that they haven’t yet spent substantially on marketing . She believes customers themselves will promote the products if they really like the value they are getting. A recommendation is the best way of getting new customers.

Swaglok is none like the rest. With class, jazz and a lot of swag, Swaglok looks like the dreamy possibility of an “aam aadmi” to wear the designs which one wants and stand out in the crowd.



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