Sristi Craft | A story of entrepreneurship in Assamese Jewellery

Duliajan, October 08: Started in 2014, Sristi Craft Jewellery is a startup in the field of beaded macrame jewellery, along with various types of junk jewellery.

Sristi Craft is a joint initiative that was taken by IIE Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship) and OIL, Duliajan. The  Founder Designer of Sristi Craft Dipak Gogoi, in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed, says “Since childhood, I was interested in making unique handcrafted products. This passion led to the start of Sristi Craft.”

On asked about the problems faced, he said “Poor market linkage, financial issues and procurement of raw materials from duliajan was a problem initially. With time, these issues were solved. Orders from friends and participating in fairs helped a lot; my collection finally got recognition across Assam.” It must be noted that he was also invited as guest trainer at IIE, which he considers one of his biggest milestones. When asked about future plans, he said that he wants to enroll himself in the top level of jewellery making entrepreneurship.

Sristi Craft also has a facebook page where people can review the products and place orders too.

Visit their Facebook page here.

You can also buy the products of Sristi Craft at Brahmaputra Fables here.



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