Seven struggles Assamese girls face in Delhi

The capital of the country has a plethora of opportunities for those of us who hail from Assam and therefore we often set out to dilwalo ki Dilli in pursuit of education and employment. In our rendezvous with the change in culture, there are some common struggles we tend to face in Delhi. Here are some:

  1. The curious case of ‘badam’.

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In North India, ‘badam’ means almonds but for us Assamese ‘badam’ has always been ground nuts and therefore the struggle of every Assamese girl looking for badam which is supposed to be called moongfali in the markets of Delhi. And when your friends realise this difference, they leave no stone unturned in letting the world know. Damn! Social network.

  1. The r (replace with Hindi alphabet) nd t (replace with Hindi alphabet) issues

Every Assamese girl who has said tamatar and pari in front of their north Indian friends has had to do pronunciation drills with their ever so amazing Hindi teacher of a friend or been the laughing stock in the circle. Look people, every language accustoms our tongue to a certain way of twisting and turning and Assamese is no different. So stop ragging us, alright?

  1. The veg- non veg drama

Almost all our friends are vegetarians and so when we decide to eat out, the odd non vegetarian is always outnumbered and subject to veggies as the aroma of a non vegetarian sizzler floats across from the table beside. If that is not enough the vegetarians will pass you grossed out looks or kill you by asking innumerable questions about your apparent cannibalistic habits when you dig into some real food.

  1. Morning tea problems

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We, the Assamese, love our cup of morning tea black and crisp but in Delhi we have to submit to the cutting chai that neither breaks the sleep spells nor takes care of our lethargy.

  1. Where is Assam?

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More often than not, we face the question of whether Assam is located in the map of India even when we acknowledge the small little places they hail from. To add to our woes, the ones asking these questions are educated folks who seem to have passed their geography classes in high school. Such a tragedy!

  1. Friends who copy our language as abbajabbatabba

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There always comes a time when our non Assamese friends shall copy our conversations in Assamese with gibberish like abbajabbatabba or ask whether we are backbitching about them in our cryptic language.

7. Fear of safety

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We are under the continuous scrutiny of oogling men who seem to be potential molesters and rapists. We can almost never feel safe enough to wear what we wish lest some creep be seduced by our unseeming attire. Every case of sexual assault is a living nightmare for us and our family back at home. If that is not enough, discrimination is always there to make us feel less of a Indian and sometimes even human.


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