Rhythm of Brahmaputra music video which captures the rawness of Majuli released | Watch it now

Finally the wait is over! Rhythm of Brahmaputra has been released on YouTube and Yes, it is as we had expected.

Rhythm of Brahmaputra РUnheard voice of Majuli is the debut music video by Dream 92 productions. The fact that Majuli is a land of beauty is known to all. But there are many other stories in the same land, which often are unseen. Stories of promises not kept, stories of raised hopes getting shattered into pieces with the passage of time are what the music video tries to capture and it must be acknowledged that they have succeeded in doing so.

Composition is by Churamoni Dutta and the lyrics has been written by Churamoni Dutta and Sudarson Nath. Direction by Sudarson Nath.


Watch this amazing music video here.



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