The Rainbow Chaser | An anthology of dreams

Guwahati, March 09: Passion is what he tries to live in. Being born and brought up in the rustic environment of Nalbari, Jitendra Deka is currently pursuing his MTech in Geotechnical Engineering in Assam Engineering College.

On November 04, 2017, Jitendra Deka’s debut short story anthology “The Rainbow Chaser” was released, which gained a number of readers from the region and eventually after two months, it had to be re-launched on February 23, 2018 to meet the growing readership circle.

Jitendra Deka is an awardee of prestigious bodies like Assam Forest Department, Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority, Namami Brahmaputra, Tata Institute of Social Sciences among others, for his writings. He can also be regularly read in one of India’s oldest newspapers ‘The Assam Tribune‘.

Following is the review of his debut book by author Sidhanth Majumder:

Jitendra Deka, an Assamese columnist and a writer, in his trademark and embellish style, make an interesting take on societal realism in his debut short story collection ‘The Rainbow Chaser”. The book is realistic because it portrays the life in both the past and the present with all the varieties of human experience. Surely the author has succeeded in incepting his perception of the “change” with time.

What other commendable taste a reader gets is the essential insights. Undeniably, Jitendra Deka knows what he is writing about.

The short story anthology first opens with the story “The Rainbow Chaser”, a tale of a girl in 1990, who in pursuit of a dream, a rainbow as what the author describes it, faces the hardships of the path that abrade the colour from her life. Herein the author preternaturally showcases a sensitive rationale which the women in the society were facing in every walks of their lives.

Down the other collections, a vivid display of a varied of fictional stories such as City of Joy, Nine to Five, Abbu Kaka, Manikut etc among others have nonetheless brought one discretion to every reader’s mind, a thought, quite the same as what Georg Lukacs said, “The novel’s realism does not just reside in the kind of life it presents, but in the way it presents.” And, this sole line cements the success of his representation of how events in one’s life can bring about changes in his character.

Right from 1990, Assam has been witnessing a diversified chain of events, with the decade beginning with the horrific shadows of a long drawn public agitation that had merely turned into a possible civil war which fortunately settled with an Assam Accord. Jitendra Deka has set his words on that timeline and in doing so, he has succeeded in narrating the phase.



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