Pragjyotish College student creating amazing Doodle Art

Guwahati, January 04: With basic lessons of Art in Class VII and VIII, Sudipta Barkakati got to learn about colour drawing and portrait when he was a young student. He later left Art School due to study pressure of his regular course but started once again when he was in the IInd semester of his BSc course. In IIIrd semester, he stepped into the domain of Doodle Art and one has to agree that he doodles beautifully.

“I have learnt doodling from the internet and got inspired by many Doodle artists of the world. Doodle has always been my passion since I started and I try to give a unique style in it. Ancient Indian time, specially King and Kingdom, is one of the great inspiring reason of me stepping into this domain” says Sudipta in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

It must be noted that Sudipta bagged the third position in an Art competition organised on Papon Daa’s album. This is his prize winning entry.

A final year student of BSc (Chemistry), Sudipta dedicates most of his free time Art. One of his doodles also got selected among the Top 20 at Tecnoesis organised at NIT, Silchar.
Check out a few more samples of his work.
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